CC0 Priorities Dedicated on-chain voting of CC0 protocol activity. Inter DAO Web3 Fashion Collaborations DIGITALAX has both dedicated web3 IRL, digital, gaming, and DeFi utility enabled hyper functional fashion, which is optimised in-house across all aspects of design, fabrication, production and supply logistics. This comprehensive set of complimentary tools, practices and resources for greater squad wealth is unprecedented from any other protocol in web3. DIGITALAX is a web3 fashion emporium. So, with that said, this category is dedicated for members of the community, and specifically other DAOs, to be able to propose collaboration initiatives with DIGITALAX. This could be anything from a dedicated IRL or digital merch line, in-game branded skins, boutique metaverse outfit etc. The key goal: champion and spread metaverse web3 fashion far and wide. PODE and the Player Creator Portal Proposals made under this category are in relation to PODE and the Player Creator Portal, especially in relation to IMG (Indie Modder’s Guild) and the web3 realms interoperability standard. GDN Purveyors Cross Functional Parties The GDN Purveyors are self-nominated designers in the GDN that are devoting themselves to leadership within a specific sector of the web3 fashion industry, in order to substantiate deeper liquidity across the entire depth and range of what web3 metaverse fashion can become. Along with the designers as purveyors, we are also cultivating blueprints for the minimum desirable squad required to implement goods and experiences ready to wear in the new realms i.e. a squad could consist of a designer, developer, modder and navigator focused on one purveyor sector. More details will also be shared on this. The key goal: bootstrap squad coordination to greatly accelerate the timeline of web3 and metaverse adoption in fashion and beyond. Wayfare DAO & Squad Inclusions Wayfare unlocks the tremendous latent power within every community. All the more when those communities are web3 native. It’s not really a bot, that’s just the starting vessel, because we all live in discord right now. Wayfare has been starting to include !gives, !asks, !quests, !matches and more from other DAOs and squads across web3. That’s the power of this; compounding network effects and inter and intra community connectivity. To scale faster and keep things well aligned, we are enabling voting on which DAOs, squads and communities should be integrated next. The key goal: help remove barriers between members of far flung and adjacent DAOs, guilds, squads and other communities, where you all can tap into the hidden knowledge, resources, assets and connections you don’t yet realise are valuable to each other. DASH File Format All revisions for the DASH File Format: First Digital Fashion NFT Platform and Marketplace for Gaming and Esports | Liberating Gaming and Fashion Designer Realms and Web3 Patrons All Global Designer Network designers, along with anyone in the broader DIGITALAX web3 fashion community can propose new thematic priorities in any web3 fashion category, sector, business model, or other topological area they believe requires additional concentrated growth support via governance activity, capital and technology. The proposal will then go to snapshot voting, it will need to be comprehensive with the proposer effectively detailing out the utility behind each NFT category and broader roadmap in order for $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders to approve and pass it. Once passed, this new thematic patron sector will go live on the patron site and anyone who wants to be a part of and champion that DAO/Squad/Project now easily can. GDN Weekly Designer Spotlight Under the Global Designer Network we are introducing a new initiative; weekly designer spotlights. Ultimately, each week a designer will be voted in by the DIGITALAX community to be spotlighted for the upcoming week. The spotlight will include activities that directly make the web3 fashion market; everything from the GDN and DIGITALAX treasuries deciding on which NFTs of that designer should be added to our NFT vaults, releasing mirror articles chronicling that designers journey into web3 with integrated perpetual splits for involved treasuries, the spotlighted designer, the main writer and also $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders, dedicated party bids on the featured designers NFTs with profit splits also inclusive of $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders, involved treasuries (i.e. GDN + DIGITALAX) etc. A separate article detailing out these mechanics in full will be released next as there is a lot to it and it’s a really exciting development! The key goal: make the market for web3 fashion by aligning incentives and min-maxing squad wealth. Collector & Buy Side DAOs Through the DIGITALAX governance forum under this particular category anyone can propose for a new collector or buy side DAO to be launched. The DLTA System This proposal category is specifically for guild members, appraisers and whitelisted NFT stakers for coordinating on activities across The DLTA System weighted staking distribution algorithm, new guild formation, whitelisted NFT staking addresses, and whitelisted ERC-20 token reward distribution.
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