Among Us Mod DIGI Bundle Memorabilia NFTs

Since we launched with ESPA and our Among Us Sheriff Mod casual esports tournaments in March we have had players from all around the world join us each day to compete in battles, level up from amateur to pro across our leaderboard and start earning an income stream in $MONA.

It’s been a pretty awesome ride as a large community of developers, modders, players, designers keeps growing authentically day by day.

And, with that said, and many tournament rounds later, we have compiled some of the funnest and best plays of the game as part of our Memorabilia collectible NFT editions to the DIGI Bundle.

The Memorabilia collectible NFT will be airdropped to buyers of the DIGI Bundle later today on Matic Network! These NFTs can be bridged back to Ethereum via our custom MultiToken Bridge (Check out the slick new UI!).

In case you missed it back in March, these were the Among Us Sheriff Mod DIGI Bundle treasure packs! And you can read more here!

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