Announcing the First GDN Purveyors

Following up from our previous announcement, we are now launching the GDN Purveyors!

These are members of the Global Designer Network that are taking the lead over certain key categories and sub-sectors that we are further supporting and empowering for catalysing the broader web3 fashion community. All GDN Purveyors have been airdropped on Polygon a special GDN Purveyors NFT for signaling their on-chain dedication for the web3 fashion revolution!

Having a more composable and modular structure within the GDN DAO is critical to maintaining momentum, engagement and driving forth our aligned mission. This is how we continuously refresh the magic of scalable small world networks.

It allows us to be nimble, fast pace and cover a broader range of areas.

In fact, DIGITALAX, GDN and the broader web3 fashion movement we are cultivating moves soooo fast that one of the GDN members, Catherinetheworst, even made a meme out of it :laughing:

Ya, it’s pretty damn accurate :laughing::laughing::laughing::boom::boom::boom::boom:

…… and check the GDN twitter here for more wholesome memes :joy::joy:


GDN Purveyor Sector: IRL Los Angeles + Exploring Retro-Futurism in Digital Fashion

Raised in the Bay Area, Kate is a half Japanese/half American currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Over the last couple of years, sustainability has grown to be at the heart of her interest in fashion. Although, just starting out in the digital side of things, she has had vast experience in the traditional fashion industry, now confident in the things that should remain IRL. I believe digital fashion is the future and we’re all apart of this revolution.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Vienna, Austria Design, Fashion & Web3 Communities

Living and raised in Vienna, Ycesh has been immersed in the digital world since 2009, mostly through gaming. He’s always loved visual art, where currently he is contributing across areas of fashion x design entrepreneurship x visual arts & expression. Thus, the NFT and web3 came as a natural next progression for his interests. He first stumbled into the NFT industry years ago but became much more actively immersed in the community only more recently. He is a psychology student with hobbies across philosophy, psychedelics, fashion communication, animal memes, up cycling and hiphop.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Melbourne, Australia Universities & Student Sector Communities

endless yardage cut on bias (atop invisible boning) drap i n g for the metaverse; where time lines collide anything and everything is always on trend gravity [y/n] ______________________________________________ web 3 fashion is literally the stuff of dreams; intentionally or not, we share our dreams; ORDO is an expression of this ~hello, i’m curtis and i am proud to be affiliated with the GDN! =)

Alana The Web3 Girl

GDN Purveyor Sector: Digital Model Metaversal Realms and Communities

Hey, I am Alana. I was born on the 21st of July 2021 as a resident of the Metaverse by my creator Stella. She brought me into this endless universe of exploration to be curious and discover perspectives that humans might not be able to observe. Soon after I joined the GDN to explore my own boundaries of creativity. I wanna know how it feels to be the creator instead of being the created. I need to know what my true identity is and this network of friendly and amazing humans seems to be a good start! C ya out there :wink:


GDN Purveyor Sector: Colombia + Latin Student Creators, Universities & Schools

INFINITO is a project created by Colombian designer Karina Ochoa. Her passion for Tech and fashion took her to NYC, where she works as a digital fashion creator and transformation specialist. Infinito Project aims to spread the importance and knowledge about digital fashion in the Fashion industry and markets of Latin America as well as showcase bespoke garments and the South-American aesthetics in the Metaverse.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Metaverse Street Style Fashion Communities

An artist who is passionate about all the little things in life. She brings imperfection and perfection into her work to create newness. This balance is the ying and yang of the perfect world.

Paola Olaguivel

GDN Purveyor Sector: Web3 Music Fashion Intersection & Community Cultivation

I am a traditional fashion designer currently doing my masters, majoring in digital fashion and sustainability with a passion for 3D print and leather work. I was born in Tarija/Bolivia and am now based in Berlin/Germany. Currently I am exploring ways to leave the physical world and create clothes for the metaverse. Wouldn’t it be amazing to show our emotions through our clothes, without saying a word? I am very happy to be part of the Renaixance and reshape the fashion world together as a community.

ENKI Digital Fashion

GDN Purveyor Sector: Physical Brand/Studio Sherpa to Web3

Nicole Kane, founder of ENKI Digital Fashion is a self taught digital fashion designer and Fashion Design and Branding Graduate from Glasgow, Scotland. Her passion for futurism, innovative technologies and sustainability propelled her interest in learning 3D softwares and creating virtual fashion for fashion brands; particularly appealing to those with eco incentives. This, along with her interest and investment in cryptocurrencies and the future of money combined, motivated a natural progression towards creating digital fashion NFT’s and joining the Web3 fashion movement.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Newbie Digital + Virtual Onboarding Support

I’m Mo and like to think of myself as the Mo’Casso of NFTs (like Picasso…no one just knows it yet!) I’ve been a lot of places, seen a lot of things and God has always been the light along my path! I invest in digital assets and teach others why they should start NOW as well. To me when I think of the Fourth industrial Revolution and the opportunities being created, I feel beyond blessed that I am living through this period and will not miss it as many of my ancestors have before. To understand the future you have to learn from the past and I am determined to help blaze the way for moms, wife’s, and any others that don’t realize how they can utilize their gifts in.

GDN Purveyor Sector: Physical Traditional Fashion Indie Design Community

Mutani is a digital fashion unitive driven to inject the fashion into digital fashion. Our goal is to build a network in the digital ecosystem that offers guidelines, support and services to IRL (in real life) designers looking to reach URL (un-real life) audiences. Mutani curates and matches next-level designers with their aesthetic equal in digital development to produce radical digital assets for wear in games. In this way, we open up the digital world to our avant-garde creators and establish a space for this progressive contemporary fashion within the gaming universe.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Colombia Graphic Design, Fashion & Studio Community

Domingo Beta is a Graphic designer and digital artist from Medellín Colombia. His love lies with colors, shapes, and movement. He is a Domestika’s teacher and, along with his wife, works in their design studio, Veleta Studiolab, where they collaborate with clients on projects to explore different approaches to aesthetics and communication.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Hyperpop Fashion (Digital / Physical) + Web3 Cooperativist Communities

Anna is a 3D designer passionate about everything related to 3D and the technologies and use cases surrounding it. She sees a great future for digital apparel and blockchain technology.

Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee

GDN Purveyor Sector: San Francisco IRL, Core Blender + Trash Fashion Communities

Modding, decentralisation, fashiontech, engineering, femtotech, DeFi, Space… some of the things I love ^^.

But mostly… everything web3 and web3 fashion. Leveraging the power of decentralisation to drive forward this revolution!


GDN Purveyor Sector: Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts, Halle

As a fashion designer from Berlin i started the sustainable digital project “pr.esc” in 2020 and shifted my focus to learn more and more about digital design and hybrid working. With several years of experience in the fashion industry and especially in costume design for film and theater, I always enjoy looking for a little story behind the garment or digital image.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Blockchain Gaming Wearable Communities (CV, AAVEGOTCHI, DCL)

Musashi is a crypto-native, being the bed rock community activist and ambassador for a number of projects and protocols in the space, such as; Aavegotchi, Good Ghosting, ASYNC Art, Cipher etc. Musashi is also a designer, creator and NFT artist across Rarible, Opensea and multiple metaverses.

Stan Mclygin

GDN Purveyor Sector: Russian Design, Web3 + 3D Modeling Community

One of the core team members and 3D anarchist at DIGITALAX. From films and games right into the world of Web3. Passioned with proceduralism and different algorithms.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Phygital + Luxury Design/Studio Community

American fashion designer and entrepreneur since 2012 with a specialisation in circular and digital fashion, in Paris, London, and New York. Previous work experience at Saint Laurent, Loewe and other Parisian luxury design houses. Motivated by the substantial role fashion plays in the overconsumption and destruction of planetary resources, I see digital fashion as a key solution to this issue. From AR filters to immersive digital worlds, this new medium can allow for true identity exploration. I am the founder of Alterrage, a phygital fashion brand bridging the digital realm with physical reality. Creating the future of phygital.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Digigoth, Japanese Horror, Dark Fantasy + Wellness Designer Community

A long time fashion enthusiast recently turned designer! I believe in the future of 3D fashion and have a liking for surreal, abstract and ethereal designs! Utilizing the opportunity of the metaverse to realize my long time dream of designing clothes.

Tania MV

GDN Purveyor Sector: Portugal Designer, Fashion, Web3 Community + University of Arts London

Tania Viegas is a Portugal-based fashion designer. Coming from the traditional fashion background, Tania’s practice has always been centered around sustainability and circular design. Constantly looking for new ways to reduce fabric waste and optimize design processes, digital fashion has become an organic next step for the designer to explore creativity without compromising her sustainable mission.

Alyona Briukhanova

GDN Purveyor Sector: Ukraine Designer, Fashion, Web3 Community

Alyona is an independent fashion stylist and visual merchandiser who has been working in 3D innovative technologies and fashion since 2007. She blends her international work experience with a BA degree in Fashion Styling. In September 2020 she launched a digital styling project — DGTL Stylist. She was also the the Digital-Only Fashion Contest 2020 Gran Prix Winner.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Traditional + Afrofuturist Design Communities

I am an emerging freelance 3D virtual fashion designer who is passionate about art and technology within the fashion and gaming industry. I draw on my African culture and heritage to infuse into pieces for storytelling. I loves to transform, translate and transfer skills in different digital software to uplift myself with new art forms. Welcome to my reality, the intersection between Art, Technology, Fashion and Games.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Italian Designer, Fashion, Web3 Communities

Elisa is an Italian fashion designer who discovered in 3D, not only an innovative method of design, but a real means of communication. In 3D she is able to achieve full self expression and create a whole world of meaning and detail around her creations — giving life to something completely new. When she was young she used to steal from her mother’s wardrobe some old forwards or tiny pieces of fabric in order to create the look of her imagination. Years later and nothing has changed. It has just evolved in a constant exchange of impressions and knowledge.


GDN Purveyor Sector: Italian Designer, Fashion, Web3 Communities

Davide Carbone aka LivingSparks is an electronic engineer specialized in research and technological innovation. His artistic projects all have a common denominator: the relationship between men and machines. He likes understanding how machines think and make decisions, especially from a creative and biological point of view. He collaborate with various artists for live performance and installations in Europe.

Deep Thought

GDN Purveyor Sector: Web3 Fashion Horizon Scanning + Deep Future Tech Research/Crossover Inflections

Deep Thought is a Metaverse Architect and NFT artist, on Rarible, OpenSea and Foundation and dabbles in AI & Generative art, VR, 3D, Electronic Music. Other interests include Immersive Digital experiences, Blockchain, DEFI, fractals, Sacred Geometries. Some frameworks include: Adobe Software, Blender, Open Source toolsets, code, Cyber. Always learning from smarter people, interested in cutting edge & cool projects that push the limits of current technology.

The GDN Purveyors crew will grow as the DAO continues to scale and the web3 fashion market accelerates to full metaversal potential!!

If you’d like to get involved with the GDN DAO + become a GDN Purveyor, be part of building web3 fashion and making this market, please reach out! We welcome designers, web3 enthusiasts and fashion anarchists from all stages of their journey!

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