CC0 Rank #21

Each week new on-chain CC0 content from the web3 sphere is gathered and proposed for ranking by the DIGITALAX DAO. See this week’s content below:

*Hyperutility Pack: Nim 1.0 (Blue Edition) (F3Manifesto— Digital Fashion Market)
*Nim w/ Sunken Cat Eye Sunglasses (F3Manifesto— Digital Fashion Market)
*Nim w/ Celestial Flux Pocket Watch (F3Manifesto— Digital Fashion Market)
*The New Luxury (CC0 DAO)
*Free to Build Your Own Name (CC0 DAO)
*Compendium of Liberty (CC0 DAO)

Voting type: Ranked Choice Voting

Live on Snapshot: July 25th 2022

Eligible Voters: $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders