DASH DAO | DASH File Format Specification and File Intercommunication Architecture. Revision 8.0

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We are now up to Scope Eight of DASH, having released over 27 Revisions so far. Within this time we’ve extensively outlaid the technical framework, which is anchored by the Transformation Set, we’ve set the foundations and scope for incentivised economic activity and financial magnification, through native web3 EIP protocol standards, we’ve defined new principles surrounding maintaining an authentic and catalytic open source ethos through Meta Source, and we’ve also paved the way for a community of developer, researcher and engineering optimists to be able to generate greater yield, throughput and performance capacity for what underwrites the entire metaverse; efficient and interoperable data transfer.

Because ultimately, that’s all that everything is; data, creativity, and the sorting of both of these. No longer is this data recognisable by lists or 2D rows and columns, but rather the very way that we can interpret and query it is completely changing; it’s becoming immersive, multi-dimensional and so much more relevant. And if we can’t root all of this in a permissionless framework that promotes, incentivizes and reinforces the decentralised intent of every node in the network, then all we are doing is creating a static “file format” that acts as a gatekeeper and ceiling to what can be created, developed and achieved. An interoperable metaverse ready format is not a hard standard; instead, it’s a blueprint to guide and support many formats, standards, implementations and types of activity in a way that allows them to flourish through bazaar cross pollination.

So, with all of that said, Scope Eight brings with it some really exciting news; DASH is becoming DAO!

Introducing…DASH DAO! :laughing::boom::boom::boom::boom::dart::rocket:

The key to DASH is the Open Source Community Incentive Network, which we’ve described intensively throughout all of the revisions. And this network benefits most from densely packed, self reinforcing network effects within communities incentivised to advance it. And there is no better way to do that today than with a DAO.

It’s a big next step and also reinforces the entire DIGITALAX ecosystem as we continue to progressively decentralise. Module by module we are decentralising core parts of the ecosystem within specified scopes. This ensures a more composable and bottom up approach, rather than a day to night top down switch, which would result in static coin voting, inability to reach quorum and devastatingly, engagement and momentum dropping off a cliff overnight.

More details will be announced in the coming revisions under scope eight; including the role of the DIGITALAX community and direct pathways for the broader web3 community to gain stake in this DAO, and through it, the future of metaverse, 3D interoperability, creativity, content and communication. There will be no token releases this year (2021) for DASH. Rather, the correct structures are being set up for this next massive leap to occur!

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