DIGI Bundle | Esports, Gaming, Fashion NFT Pack | First 10 Players for the Player Development Fund

Going LIVE on Matic Marketplace | Among Us Sheriff Mod ESPA Launch | Introducing the DIGI Bundle | Portion of Proceeds Towards the Player Development Fund

The DIGI Bundle consists of;

  • Player Access Card: Holders of this card are given an in-game flare for the Esports tournaments. For the Among Us mod launch this flare means holders have a higher chance of being allocated the imposter role! Read more about PAC here.

  • Special Edition In-game Digital Fashion NFT: A unique digital fashion NFT, designed by Kodomodachi, that can be taken in to the Among Us Sheriff Mod, and incorporates the Genesis Charli Cohen pattern issuance.

  • Physical Charli Cohen Fashion Item: A physical unisex jacket by top London fashion designer, Charli Cohen. This jacket incorporates the on-chain issued Genesis Charli Cohen pattern, as part of the digital-physical hybrid. Every jacket is different, no two jackets are the same. This item will be shipped to buyers in 3–4 weeks time… it is currently in manufacture! Read more about the Genesis pattern issuance here.

  • Memorabilia NFT “Best Plays of the Game”: The best plays of the game for the Among Us Sheriff Mod tournaments will be chosen, recorded and time stamped to be minted as unique memorabilia NFT collectibles. These will be airdropped to the DIGI Bundle holders after the tournament rounds are over and the best plays have been chosen. You can read more here.

First 10 Chosen Players | Player Development Fund

There will be 20 DIGI Bundles listed on the DIGITALAX Matic Marketplace for a price of 2ETH ~equivalent in $MONA. The profits from the sale will be split between Charli Cohen for covering physical production costs of the jacket, Kodomodachi for designing the in-game item, Among Us Sheriff Mod Developer Woodi, the DIGITALAX Treasury and 15% allocated to the Player Development Fund.

The first 10 Players, part of the DIGITALAX/ESPA ecosystems, have now been chosen under the umbrella of the Player Development Fund and will be officially announced in the ESPA Discord. Part of the proceeds from the DIGI Bundle sales will go towards onboarding these Players into the ESPA ecosystem through the Player Development Fund.

These individuals we have identified as already on a trajectory, at a very early stage, as embodying the persona of what DIGITALAX and ESPA represent and is all about. They are the true players that do it for the love of the game.

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