DIGITALAX Treasury Web3 Fashion Marketplace Purchase #7

As according to last week’s Designer Spotlight Snapshot (Snapshot) Alyona was ranked as the highest voted designer.

The Designer Weekly spotlight activities will begin from Monday and take place over the course of the week.

One of these activities includes the DIGITALAX Treasury purchasing one of the NFTs from spotlighted designer from the DIGITALAX fashion marketplace and holding this in the DIGITALAX Treasury Vault. The following are the live listed NFTs by Alyona on the marketplace;

  1. All Eyes on Me Gold (Digitalax - Web3 Fashion Economy)
  2. Cyber Grace (Digitalax - Web3 Fashion Economy)
  3. Bathory. The Bloody Dress (Digitalax - Web3 Fashion Economy)
  4. Bathory. The Latex Dress (Digitalax - Web3 Fashion Economy)
  5. Erathia’s Sun (Digitalax - Web3 Fashion Economy)
  6. The Pearl of Gjoll (Digitalax - Web3 Fashion Economy)

A snapshot vote will go live for the $MONA and Genesis MONA holders to vote on which NFT the treasury should purchase to hold in the vault.

Voting type: Quadratic Voting

Live on Snapshot: Dec 20th 2021

Eligible Voters: $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders

Quorum: No

Note: The GDN DAO will also be voting on which item from Alyona’s collection on the marketplace to purchase for the GDN Treasury vault. If the DIGITALAX voters and GDN voters rank highest the same NFT across both proposals, then the DIGITALAX vote will get priority and the GDN DAO will go with the second highest chosen option.