Engineering Update | Web3 Fashion Marketplace

The DIGITALAX Metaverse Engineers have been hard at work yet again with more engineering upgrades and updates to the DIGITALAX ecosystem.

We are continuing to iteratively improve and add greater functionality to our Polygon Web3 Fashion marketplace, which is open for continuous collections by the Global Designer Network.

Some of the functionalities implemented over the past week have included;

  • A randomly sorted landing page of all the live and sold creations so that you can get an instant hit of digital web3 fashion before making your way to specific designs and collections.

  • Global filter and sorting search functionality to make it easier to find your favourite designer’s new looks and also better sift through your digital wardrobe.

  • Interactive designer profiles, so now you can click and go directly to each designer’s individual profile page at to check out more about them, their creations, FGO patterns they’ve minted to the open source libraries and also their contributions to the Web3 Fashion 101.

We are also completely updating the global profile system for all DIGITALAX marketplace purchases across skins, OG marketplace, DIGIFIZZY and LOOK. These will be live soon, and act as an additional feature to see and be seen in all metaverse web3 fashion.

We are also currently scoping out our secondary market sales contracts for the marketplace and also in the process of testing and deploying the new staking contracts and revenue distribution contracts where retrospective and future $MONA profit splits from marketplace sales will be distributed to all $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders.

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