ESPA Updates | Meta + DIGI IDs Across the Metaversal Realms

We are launching with our Minecraft ESPA tournaments this week and along with that we have completely upgraded the ESPA UI! Begin your quest for building out your reputation and identity across the realms.

When you sign in/sign up with an ESPA account (it’s the same as your DIGITALAX marketplace account if you already have one) you are given a Meta ID that is attached to your wallet address.

To play in a casual esports battle for a specific game and earn $MONA you must also create a DIGI ID for that specific game. Your DIGI ID can be the same as your Meta ID or different, it is up to you, it is what is whitelisted in the game and authenticated with your digital fashion in-game skins.

Create your account now so that you are ready for the launch of the casual esports Minecraft Bed Wars tournaments for $MONA income!

  1. To create your Meta ID, first either sign in or sign up at If you are new to crypto or setting up a wallet we have a full walkthrough for wallet set up, purchasing $MONA, suiting up with our digital fashion skins.

  1. When you connect your wallet it links with your Meta ID (i.e. username). If you already have an account with DIGITALAX this is automatically synced for you.

  1. You can edit your Meta ID or specific in-game DIGI IDs.

  1. Your Meta ID page shows all your compatible ESPA skins in your Matic wallet + also global leaderboard and game information. You can edit your profile by clicking on the “Mod Meta ID” button. Note that at the moment $MONA and XP points are not connected in real time, so don’t worry if your current value is not showing.

  1. This will take you to the edit profile page. You can mod your Meta ID name, profile image and cool ESPA frame. You can also choose crew mates to add.

  1. Click on “Choose Crew” and add up to 13 members to your tribe. You can choose different tribe members for your Meta Crew and then your specific in-game tribe (i.e. Among Us Sheriff mod tribe, Minecraft tribe etc.).

  1. Your profile page is discoverable by other players through the Discover page. You can search and add for your friends and add them to your crew, see their rank and in-game info.

  1. For Minecraft, choose the Minecraft DIGI ID page and if you have a Minecraft account already make sure to enter this name and then whitelist it when you are modding the account so it can be verified in the MC server. Note that no skins will show on your Minecraft page since the Minecraft skins are not live yet on the DIGITALAX marketplace. Once they are live and you have suited up they will show in your profile.

  1. See the “Whitelist Me” button on the Minecraft DIGI ID mod/edit page.

  1. After setting up your account, you can go to the CASUAL ESPORTS page and get playing! Note that the official ESPA tournament rounds will not start until the DIGITALAX marketplace is LIVE with Minecraft ESPA skins. The marketplace will be live this week. However, in the meantime you can start practice esports rounds in the server!

  1. There is also global and local leaderboard scoring!

More updates to come for the next ESPA mod launch with Minecraft, stay tuned, get your IDs ready!!

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