First WayFare Quests Released + Contribution Bounties

We have now released the Run One of WayFare DAO quests!

You can start accessing them in the DIGITALAX Discord and using the !quests command in the #wayfare channel.

How it works?

You’ll get a dm from the bot after calling the !quests command and you can start looking through the list of available quests.

This curated list will soon include an intermix of the gives and asks from fellow community members, where GIVES are free contributions to build the community and ASKs are clear, quick, actionable and short requests that you would like someone in the community to resolve.

The DAO quests that come with contribution bounties in the form of native token allocations and speciality NFTs.

For this first run of Quests, all contribution bounties are incentivised by either DIGITALAX speciality NFTs or $MONA token. For the next runs, bounties are provided by DAOs across the entire space. However, for the kick off, taking a leap to make sure our protocol tested the waters first is the clearest way to adhere to and promote our web3 principles.

Each of the quests are shown with a Task ID.

If you are in a position to best solve any of these then you can reply to the bot in your DMs with !runquest [insert Task ID] . WayFare will then reply to you shortly after with a confirmation that your quest submission was received and you can begin your journey, whether that is resolving a give or an ask for a fellow community member or high quality DAO challenge.

After each run the community will be made aware which wayfarers were successful for each DAO contribution bounty!

Individual community gives and asks will not be shared outside the bot unless that’s a feature of the give or ask.

For every quest, give or ask unit completed you will also start to accrue on-chain 1155 NFTs that act as proof of successful participation.

These 1155 NFTs come from the DIGITALAX Open Source Material libraries and are part of the Fractional Garment Ownership standard for injecting greater composability into web3 fashion.

Every pattern on-chain has been submitted by the Global Designer Network DAO. After successfully completing a quest, give or ask unit you will be able to DM the bot the #materials command and then receive to your wallet 3 of the supplied materials.

You will accrue these overtime as your proof of quest completion. But that’s not all, specific arrangements and assortments of these material elements will be released during each quest run…. and, as you complete more and more WayFare quests you’ll start to have enough materials to form these specific arrangements and assortments in your wallet that unlock new possibilities, rewards and more!

There is more to said about this soon and dynamic pricing oracles for each 1155 print, aggregated by LOOK holders.

There are also some other useful bot commands;

  • !help to get a full list of all of the bot commands.
  • !digest to get a quick rundown of what’s the latest in crypto, threads you need to see and more.
  • !almanac to get the most important updates on latest market and trading activities within NFTs, DeFi and the rest of web3.

If you have any questions, reach out in our discord!

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