Free Matic Allocation for the first ~2000 ESPA Players in the DIGITALAX Ecosystem!

DIGITALAX and ESPA are set up for mass adoption of crypto into gaming.

Gaming is one of the soonest and biggest keys to full mass adoption of crypto and decentralised technologies for all humanity.

The DIGITALAX protocol architecture is unique.

Through ESPA, we aren’t demanding blockchain integration directly into the gaming, VR, 3D content itself. Rather, ESPA is a layer 2 solution that allows the content to directly plug in and start generating self sustaining value through $MONA— for all Players, Designers and Developers.

Matic Network is directly supporting and enabling this mass adoption of crypto/blockchain, through gaming, by allocating 2 Matic for the first ~2000 wave of Players coming through the DIGITALAX/ESPA ecosystem. A 4000 Matic Giveaway!

2 Matic allocation per Player allows for around ~200 free transactions on the Matic Network, based on the current live market price. Say goodbye to wallet destroying transfers.

More About MATIC

MATIC Network is the leading Layer 2 solution to Ethereum, offering high scalability, faster transaction speeds and lower gas cost alternatives via an adapted version of Plasma with PoS-based side chains.

Learn more by visiting Matic.Network.


DIGITALAX is the first Digital Fashion NFT Operating System, scaling Digital Fashion for all gaming, VR, 3D content through ESPA, the first indie and modded content esports platform. See more about our Digital Fashion Operating System here. | Docs| Twitter | ESPA Discord | DIGITALAX Discord