FUD FAQ | A Weekly Community Thread | Week 26

Top Question of the Week

  • Where do I go to find out everything I’m missing?

Went to an event in Venice Beach this week and the top question was exactly that. With everything happening not just in the DIGITALAX & web3 fashion ecosystem, but in decentralized tech as a whole, how can anyone hope to keep up with everything they need to know? Where do you go to sauce alpha?

Well, this is one of the reasons why we created the quick primer, however, there is a lot more that can be done by the web3 space in general to ease people into this new world.

Whilst DIGITALAX is working on ways to clone ourselves since there literally isn’t enough time to meet with each of you after an alpha leak :wink::laughing: it’s still something that is a few years away. So, in the meantime we are working on new ways that anyone can get an instant digest dynamically whenever and wherever you are.

Most Common Repeat Question

  • When DAO, which DAO, and can I really go full time?

Our feeds the past weeks have been filled with either people getting recruited to go work for a16z or people quitting their jobs to go full time into a DAO. But is that really feasible and do the pathways into DAOs even exist for them to go full time into?

DAOs are a really unique path to come into crypto, as instead of going it alone, it’s an opportunity to grow a strong community, learn the ins and outs of the space and start operating in new natively web3 ways, with a squad around you dedicated to mutual success. Yet, knowing where to start is not so easy and knowing which DAO is actually right for you can often only be found out after you’ve leaped into the deep end.

If there was an easy way for people to sort through DAO contribution opportunities it would really help accelerate an individual DAO member’s and the entire space’s growth. More to come on what we are doing about this shortly.

Top Controversies in the Industry

Another week and another SEC overreach. There have been increasingly brazen attempts to completely outlaw all of crypto and follow in the footsteps of China as it moves towards full centralised economic control. It’s getting nearly impossible to assume that any of these accusations and claims reflect good faith efforts to protect consumers, when it’s pretty clear that its personal vendettas on the behalf of protecting the big banks and other insider interests at the publics expense. And it’s not just that, but also, diving deeper into the system that the SEC is built to serve continues to reveal just how prohibitively expensive it is in both cost of compliance and opportunity cost of time and innovation. They really don’t care whether the US continues to lead the global tech industry and maintaining the ability for anyone to have a shot at it. It’s getting harder and harder to justify the worth of disingenuous intermediaries and regulators.

Silly Fails and Trolling

China bans all crypto again…. well, to be precise, the “12th” again. Will this finally do the trick or is the collapse of China’s global economic position inevitable? They are seizing greater control over every facet of daily life and economic activity far beyond their own boarders and seem terrified of another way of life beyond total state control. They are regressing very fast towards little red books.

Crypto has recovered from China’s FUD over a dozen times in the last 12 years

The price of Bitcoin fell 5% today following “breaking” (read: weeks old) news that the People’s Bank of China, or…

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