FUD FAQ | A Weekly Community Thread | Week 29

Top Question of the Week

  • What’s next for the GDN Purveyors and how does it bring in squad wealth?

The GDN Purveyors are taking the next step in continuing to broaden and deepen what is possible for web3 fashion. Each purveyor has taken the lead a distinct emerging domain that speaks most strongly to them and their fashion designs and storytelling work— whether that be an IRL location or design subsector.

Next for the purveyors is a whole lot of purveying :laughing:

One of the most interesting aspects of this is the formation of localised party bids anchored by the purveyors, along with others often new to web3 benefitting from the guidance of those who have been pioneering web3 fashion for many months longer… an eternity, in this new industry. These squads then engage in party bids together to increase buying and collection activity, usually targeted at those creators that they understand how to value best— their fellow GDN members.

It’s a very grass roots, mutualism based, almost secret santa style social mechanic for taking the power to rise up the ranks on the supply and buy sides of NFT markets into our own hands.

Most Common Repeat Question

  • What is the publishing model for DIGIFIZZY?

DIGIFIZZY is a massive engineering, design, curation and artistic effort each month, and, it is also completely web3 native. No advertisers, no VCs, no private backers— it is more of a public good to test and prove out web3 publishing where creators, led in this case by members of the DIGITALAX team, putting in the vast majority of the contributions, replace the role of traditional publishers, dis-intermediating directly between sources of content and those who engage with and collect it. It pays homage to the web1.0 era of creator-zines made for the love of no-one being able to stop them. From simply taking paper from anywhere, using available copy machines, hosting their own local servers, fidgeting around with basic html and limited styles to put out print and web content that could be appreciated by all. DIGIFIZZY works whereby the magazine is completely free to read, and, there is also unlockable NFT bundles that include content of artists, designers, musicians etc. that are featured in the magazine. There is a 70–30 split, where the main the contributor, that takes on design, engineering, curation, publication and more receives the majority, and the long tail contributors which change each month receive the remaining 30% divided up between them.

This is in stark contrast to the traditional publishing industry which takes the entire pie and then on top of that often charges for creators to be featured. These old ways are extractive, exploitative, and just wrong. Like any heartfelt, grass roots effort in web3, it takes time for projects like this to scale up, but, as it does, we look forward to how much it will continue to do for all of those that participate in making it happen.

Top Controversies in the Industry

This thread sums up a lot around the intentions of the MekaVerse drop. Everyone in this industry faces challenges, makes mistakes and experiences falls, however, the number of major concerns around authenticity and the team’s response to it, doesn’t leave much room for positive conclusions to be drawn.

Silly Fails and Trolling

I think that we can all agree that this news out of Valve screams NGMI!

They’ve literally chosen to accept that NFTs means the end of their dominance over the past 2+ decades in the industry. It certainly didn’t have to end this way, in fact, they could have instead used this massive technological shift towards an open metaverse to strengthen their position and become firmly rooted in favor of player first communities. But like all blinded centralised powers of the era, they’ve chosen to hide from change and protect their hoard. They’ve chosen to become the raid boss that players and other full adopters of web3 will swarm to overcome.

Good on Sweeney for not going full outright ban. But seriously, trying to talk out both sides of his mouth, where on the one hand Epic won’t be going in an NFT direction personally, but they also remain neutral on third parties on their marketplace doing so, is not as bad as Steam, but also not enough. We haven’t forgotten that Tencent, and by extension the CCP, owns 40% (or more) in Epic, and it’s going to be almost impossible for them to build anything “open”.

Valve bans blockchain games and NFTs on Steam, Epic will try to make it work

Games that use blockchain technology or let users exchange NFTs or cryptocurrencies won’t be allowed on Steam…

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