Introducing Wayfare | DAO Quest and Contribution Aggregator

Everyone can go full time DAO.

But is that really true today?

Moving full time into web3 is a lot more challenging than many of us would hope. It’s the dream we all share, but how do you find your tribe, or that player ready path to grind.

Even the most established DAOs often struggle to increase momentum, strengthen community engagement, reach quorum and build lasting ties between community members.

Community is a huge part of the DIGITALAX ecosystem and as we progressively decentralise into our own DAO we are always looking for ways to strengthen our meta connectivity.

We are solving this problem with Wayfare.

Wayfare is gas free rabbit hole and more for every DAO, starting right in our discord communities, where we all live.

Think of it like a human in the loop AMM for mutual assistance and incentivised web3 contributor wayfinding.

It creates network effects at squad scale.

Starting in the DIGITALAX Discord, and soon after migrating to more metaverse immersive environments and other communities and DAOs.

The bot actively sources quests from DAOs and individual DAO members and connects these quests up with people that are well positioned to solve them.

Community members and DAOs can submit !gives and !asks and alongside direct mutual assists between DAO members, DAOs can route contribution bounties through the bot to the members in the extended meta-community best positioned and most eager to go full time DAO.

Rewards can be anything from native tokens, speciality NFTs, to the possibility of a full time gig within a truly web3 native world.

The DIGITALAX discord is the first community of wayfarers to join in the hunt for quests and DAO contribution bounties.

Start by calling !give or !ask in the #wayfarer channel in the discord. You’ll then get a private DM from the bot where you’ll be asked to write about what you’re looking for. Either something that you can offer (a !give) or a kind of person or thing could help you (an !ask). Make it clear, concise, actionable and within 250 characters.

These gives and asks will grow overtime and be intermingled with intermixed into quests and group raids for the best person to find and solve, with battle tested game play balance between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

Start today and join us as we uncover the next parts of the map!

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