LIVE this week on DIGITALAX Matic Marketplace | Among Us Mod Digital Fashion

The first reveal of the Charlie Cohen x Kodomodachi Digital Fashion NFTs for the Among Us Esports Battles are being revealed.

These items will be LIVE on the DIGITALAX Matic Marketplace later this week for Auction and Instant Buy!!

ESPA Theme Song by Mannic Mannix! Sub him here.

These outfits can be directly taken into Woodi’s Sheriff Mod and allow a Player to be eligible to compete in the Casual Esports tournaments.

There will be outfits across 3 tiers:

  • Common: 4 x 128 Common NFTs will be issued for Instant Buy. There may be a re-issuance to ensure all Players have access.
  • Semi-Rare: 4 x 64 Semi-Rare NFTs will be issued as a fixed supply for Instant Buy.
  • Exclusive: 4 x Single Edition 1of 1 NFTs will be issued for Auction.

Read more about Charli and Kodo, the amazing physical x digital designers behind these cutest outfits!! See here!

More to come on how the outfits work in the ESPA meta-game and how the tournaments will take place.

Also, the first 2000 ESPA Players each get 2 Free Matic for ~200 free transactions!! See about our official Matic/Polygon partnership here.

Important note: The outfits do not affect gameplay. Every Player has an equal chance in the tournaments. The outfits only affect access within the ESPA meta-game. Read more here.

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