LOOK Holder Airdrop | Open Source DXM 1155 NFTs

As you might have noticed, each of your LOOKs came with a special DXM # that corresponds to an 1155 NFT pattern, material, texture that was created and designed by the Global Designer Network and submitted on-chain to the DIGITALAX Open Source material libraries.

This is part of the Fractional Garment Ownership standard, using 1155 and 721 NFTs to empower composability and new commercial royalty and open source models for web3 fashion along the digital and physical supply chains. We’ve been pioneering FGO since day 1 of DIGITALAX, and you can read all about it here.

You can also view the entire open source 1155 NFT library here, with amazing patterns, materials, textures all submitted on-chain!

If you want to check out the designers specific patterns and what they’ve been up to, you can also view all of their profiles here.

What do these DXM NFTs mean and what can you do with them?

Well, again, like the broader underpinning of LOOK, it’s really up to you. This is just another composable element in your web3 fashion inventory. You can include them in your designs, sell them off, think of some other crazy out of this world to generate completely new content that can bring novelty and vitality to the broader LOOK and Loot ecosystems… or, even use them in a bespoke metaverse fashion outfit to take across the realms, you can get dressed here with it!

Remember, LOOK is not top down.

DIGITALAX also has some cool stuff brewing for the open source DXM libraries… in fact, we wrote about some of our plans around this last year when we first launched. It is called the DOF sheet, and it’s all about bringing more transparent and efficient pricing to web3 digital fashion. You can read more here.

Make sure to join the discord, because soon, all LOOK holders will be involved with building out the DOF Sheet with price discovery and more!

Keep up to date with what’s happening in the LOOK ecosystem here.

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