LOOK Web3 Fashion Hackathon | Programming Wearable Source Code

Digital fashion is really just programmable source code that we can wear.

And, just like any emerging software ecosystem, making large innovative leaps comes from tight loops of small iterative circles, lots of tinkering and hacking until a breakthrough is made that changes everything.

With LOOK being so close to the metal, as a text based digital material, we are running the ultimate LOOK Web 3Fashion Hackathon!

How does it work?

The Global Designer Network, and broader fashion community is joining forces, as individuals or in groups, to go head to head and write the source code for LOOK wearables!

The winning top 3 designers will be chosen by the Official Web3 Judges and each winner will receive 2 $MONA!

LOOK Holders won’t want to miss this and are also in the running for some awesome prizes! During the voting period every LOOK holder can choose which designs to vote up (Mechanics on how to do this to be shared soon) and if you voted on any of the chosen top 3 grand champions you will be in the running to win these awesome fashion hackathon NFTs! Anyone can vote on any of the entries, but only LOOK holders are the running for being airdropped the top 3 designs.

There is also a Community Choice Vote category, where LOOK holders too can signal their favourites.

Official Web3 Judges

We’ve invited some top voices from across web3 to judge the meta source of these LOOKs!

Winning Categories

  • Grand Champions (Top 3 Designs Chosen)
  • Community Choice Vote


  • All entries to be submitted by October 15th
  • 5 day voting period from October 15th — October 20th
  • Special Twitter Spaces Event with Web3 Judges and Winners Announced!

Judging Criteria

Each design is scored /10 for each category and then scores across categories are added up, with top 3 total cumulative scores winning.

  • Composability
  • Moddability
  • Metaverse Readiness
  • Web3 Equipped
  • Open Sauciness
  • Meta-Story and Narrative
  • Novel Utility
  • LOOK Fidelity

Let’s get designing!

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