Simplify the marketplace to improve UI and user friendliness of the protocol.

All the designs that people are creating for the marketplace are amazing but we need to make it easier to navigate and access all the items.


  1. Marketplace with its own website or as a section of the Digitalax main domain with 2 tabs: Primary Market / Secondary Market.

  2. Being able to buy $mona directly with credit or debit card on the website for people that want to buy an item.

  3. Improve awareness of $mona token

  4. I know this is dependent on the subgraph but work together with them to improve loading speed of NFT loaded to the website.


Excellent ideas and points. I’ve been thinking about all of the above but as a “passive” $MONA holder I didn’t feel I had the clout to say anything. I’m glad you did!


hi what was the outcome of this proposal? was there a snapshot vote?