Meet the Web3 Fashion Anarchists | The Global Designer Network (Part2)


Moist Seoul Fantasy is a cyber fashion brand founded by South Korean designer, Jongyeol Bae. Jongyeol studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design, focusing on advocating political issues. Jongyeol’s ethos consists of experimenting with innovative technologies despite social and political constraints. The digital fashion space turns out to be the perfect place for his boundless creative expression. Finding unprecedented freedom digitally, Jongyeol wishes to continue exploring the digital and physical realms of fashion by fantasizing about future alien encounters engaging with his work.

Myse Cunha

In love with Fashion and Style since I was little, I’m a Digital Fashion Designer who’s absolutely passionate about what I do! I work with 3D Clothing Design, Digital Fashion Drawing, Fashion Digital Marketing, among other skills.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world and live in great countries, like France and Australia. Today I empower women through Fashion everywhere I go!

Nathan Ginger

My name is Nathan Ginger and I am a 3D fashion designer. I design digital pieces and create 3D mockups and enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances in the fashion industry.

Nicole Savitskaya

I’m from the Ukraine/ Kyiv and the founder of the fashion project, porka_x.

I’ve been in fashion for more than 8 years and 3 years ago began designing digital clothing, knowing that this is the future.

Paola Olaguivel

I am a fashion designer majoring in digital fashion and sustainability with a passion for 3D Print and Leather work.

I started with my masters degree right when the pandemic hit Germany in March 2020. Since then I haven’t entered the university halls once. I was born in Tarija/ Bolivia, and am now based in Berlin, desperately waiting for the summer to finally arrive and currently exploring the reasons to why we are seeking for control through our love for corsets during these uncontrollable times. I am excited to explore the gaming world as an adult, remembering the time when I used to draw up computer games in my room as a teenager.


Mc is one of the most authentic modders and creators around. He’s the founder of Imagined Studios— an indie game dev studio from Poland— and the creator of Faberlare, an NFT based 2D platformer game.

When he’s not developing his own games, you’ll find him modding FNF, Mario, Among Us and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Soledad Gallardo

Soledad Gallardo is a fashion designer and artisan dressmaker certified by the Public Foundation of Galician Artisans, based in Spain. Her early career was developed and nurtured in the world of bridal and demi couture gowns, but her search for sustainability was the main reason for diving into the 3D world and creating her own digital brand: Burbush.

The Glitched Face King

GlitchedFaceKing is the founder of Demon Studios, an indie dev + design studio in the US East Coast. One of his most notable creations is Pizza Draw — an entire world of demons and pizza. He would give more details but he’s too busy eating pizza, getting ready for the game.


_slow_crypto explores the concept of an organic metaverse. The art alt of fashion designer Thomas Rothery, it is a quiet exhortation to enjoy technology, but embrace it with discretion.

Rooted in passions for conscious living and mental wellbeing it is a multilayered experiment using natural dyeing and cryptographic puzzles to make digifizzy art, textiles and more.


Unjust is a New York-based experimental jewelry brand that draws inspiration from trending artists in the music & art scene.

Vicky Jones

I’m Vicky Gonzalez Boerr, Phygital Alchemist and concept designer based in Uruguay; With a background in textile design, and upcycling.

I’m very passionate about collective work and transformation of matter in different realms.

Anna (Cryptsie)

Anna is a 3D designer passionate about everything related to 3D and the technologies and use cases surrounding it. She sees a great future for digital apparel and blockchain technology.

Shiu Studios

shiu_studio is a fashion design studio intending to build versatile virtual and actual experience/products, including exhibition spaces, motion graphics and fashion. Sticking to the concept of ‘Layering of views, divulgence of body, reflection of contents’ ; Switching back and forward between architecture, fashion, and graphics, and creating 3D fashion virtual worlds and physical clothing.


Renato Bibiana Sass A.K.A. Aqilos is an artist from Brazil. In 2021 Renato began developing the first videos as Aqilos, with the premise of capturing television broadcasts throughout the Metaverse. The aesthetics of defects, noise and bad signal are the main drivers of their works. Washed down with a certain mood of occasion, they’re short videos of a few seconds, almost like atmospheric gifs.

Laura Kessler

I like change; change of scenery, change of style. I’m always making things with different mediums — jewelry, sculptures, found object art. I never sit still and I’ve always got multiple projects in play. I just started painting last year and have been experimenting with flow of colors and lines. Some of my work is an expression of my personal journey. Some is just translating the energy I feel around me. I don’t plan my pieces much, they evolve from one line and spill out in different directions.

I like the potential of NFTs and open source art. The world is ripe for change and the crypto world is a path to a decentralized inclusive new framework.

Burak Dahan

Right after graduating from Chemistry in 2012, Burak took a distinct change and followed his calling by studying Fashion Design and started to build up a strong career in the industry. His works were recognized by fashion authorities in many design competitions, where he even became the “Gold Award Winner” at the EURASIA REMIX 2016.

Years later when he was introduced to digital fashion, he fell in love with this new world of design possibilities and expanded his creativity to a new level by escaping from restrictions and norms of the physical world. His works reflect versatility and there is no limit when it comes to his source of inspiration.

NOA — Eretikos Art

One designer + One artist + One creative writer in love with digital and cryptoart. Italy and Japan.

We love to mix classic Italian art with classic Japanese art and bring them to an unexpected level of expression.


Shayli Harrison is an alumna of the Antwerp Fashion Department, characterised by her own radical aesthetic. Her designs have been worn on tour with Björk and featured in countless magazines such as: Vogue Australia, Vogue Italia, Elle Belgium, Purple, 1 Granary, King Kong and iD to name a few.

During her studies, Shayli developed an interest in speculative design and digital futures and initiated the first VR presentation shown at the academy. She completed her Masters in 2018 and went on to produce her first VR artwork Vision 12, a commission from Z33 Gallery in Hasselt (Belgium) as part of the Dissidence exhibition.

Shayli worked in 2019 at luxury fashion house Manish Arora in New Delhi and returned to Antwerp during the pandemic to launch her first digital fashion collection. Through this experience, she has founded Mutani: a digital fashion unitive that works with IRL fashion designers to create digital fashion for URL audiences.


All things decentralised. Art explorations. Perpetual structures.


Axelle & Ayrton are both co-founders of 1O1. They met pre covid in January 2020. Quickly having to make the decision of having to spend the lockdown separately or together. They managed to cross borders right before their closure, and found out the luxury of what it means to really spend time together.

1O1 was built from this desire.

Being our creative selves, while being self sustainable. The blockchain allows us to express our creative selves while pushing the limits of our artistic persona. These abstract patterns are a representation of our daily laughter, struggles & communication. They’re a visual translation of our walk through life. Almost representing a new alphabet.


Rozahviy is a digital fashion brand, created by a Persian 3D fashion designer Melika Farshad. The collections are inspired by Avangard, Gothic, and Sport styles in a Casual way that can be used in daily life. The main idea behind this brand is the well-being and protection of our nature. Digital fashion doesn’t have any limits, and with it, you can make your own boldest sparkling fashion choices.

Jeffrey Huang

I am originally from Hong Kong. I studied Industrial Design in Canada then moved to New York to work as a Graphic Designer.
I have 20+ years experience as an Interactive Designer and 10 years experience as a Motion Graphics Designer. I lost my full-time job last July because of the coronavirus. I am currently working as a freelance in New York City.

Jessica James

Jessica James is a Nigerian born multidisciplinary artist, working predominantly in fashion and product design.

She started her career as a fashion intern at a Nigerian based bridal brand and went on to working a full time job as a fashion illustrator and designer in various other Nigerian based brands.

Jessica started her freelance career in 2019 and has worked with a number of prominent clients in Africa and around the world.

Her various services includes but are not limited to; 3D virtual garments and runway show creation, fashion collection design, product illustration, fashion accessories illustrations and so on.


Eduardo, 90’s son from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sun in scorpio. Graphic designer with a focus on 3D. Fashion lover and sometimes he takes analogue photographs.

Ica & Kostika

Kostika Spaho is an artist with an education in architecture. He met his life and business partner, Ica Paru, a pioneer in the 3d printed footwear space, in New York via Linkedin.

The two got together at a cafe for business and instead, fell in love.

They both share a strong passion for mixing art with technology and built their 3d-printed high heels company Ica & Kostika. The duo endlessly, brainstorm, experiment and plan for a future that automates operations and activates innovation.

Jessica Schott

I am from Berlin, Germany and have a degree in fashion design. For several years I worked for theaters in the costume department. Since early 2020 I shifted my focus to learn more and more about digital design and digital work, and from there started my sustainable digital fashion project “pr.esc”.

Domingo Bette Encour

Domingo Beta is a Graphic designer and digital artist from Medellín Colombia. His love lies with colors, shapes, and movement. He is a Domestika’s teacher and, along with his wife, works in their design studio, Veleta Studiolab, where they collaborate with clients on projects to explore different approaches to aesthetics and communication.

Yauheni Kolbasko

Yauheni studied graphic and industrial design, and, during his studies, started to get involved with fashion.He worked across different directions, including with projects, but the most interesting was the development of a physical suit for VR.

Subsequently, he gradually began to move into digital fashion and became more and more carried away by this particular direction.

Lauren Kacher

American fashion designer and entrepreneur since 2012 with a specialisation in circular and digital fashion, in Paris, London, and New York. Previous work experience at Saint Laurent, Loewe and other Parisian luxury design houses.

Motivated by the substantial role fashion plays in the overconsumption and destruction of planetary resources, I see digital fashion as a key solution to this issue. From AR filters to immersive digital worlds, this new medium can allow for true identity exploration.

I am the founder of Alterrage, a phygital fashion brand bridging the digital realm with physical reality. Creating the future of phygital.

Max Dyrman

My name is Max Dyrman— I’m a 20 year old fashion designer from Moscow.

Throughout my career, I have specialized in fashion and clothing design and have worked in both a large Russian brand, SayonaraBoy, and was a creative employee in the brand Pogremushka111.

Over the past year, I have helped famous Russian musicians create their merch collections. At the moment, I am the co-creator of the first NFT agency in the CIS, “ARKA”, which is engaged in producing major projects in the fields of NFT technologies and digital art for global brands, musicians, artists and corporations. At the moment, my colleagues and I are official partners of Binance and are working on a promo campaign in anticipation of the launch of their NFT marketplace.

Not so long ago I decided to try myself in the field of digital fashion, seeing the future behind it. In my opinion this is something that combined with NFTs will hold huge prevalence for our future. I believe that digital fashion is a huge opportunity for endless creativity and the creation of new details and designs, regardless of material factors.

Nash Ruckman

Nash Ruckman is a multidisciplinary designer. Having been raised around Construction equipment & Drag Racing he takes influence from these sources. Nash designs with an industrial aesthetic combined with a futuristic focus. He is currently building a 3D fashion portfolio.

Merve Usta

Merve Usta is an engineer with an interest in the traditional patterns and compositions that have been passed on from generation to generation for years and shaped by culture, tradition, belief, language, and geography. She is also the founder of Hemsin, a business that aims to transform traditional textiles into contemporary products.


i-Create International, Inc. has been licensing and distributing its original, fashionable, colorful and fun content since January 1996 (pre-launched in late 1995).

We were one of the first to offer originally-created, digitally born assets, as a licensed brand. Our licensed assets have been on hundreds of category products, including international mobile distribution, and especially apparel in multiple mid, mass, value, upper and specialty retailers across the US. Our spin-off programs from partners have showcased our art on many other categories across Retail, Software, Movies and Television.

On and No Project

The On and No Project aims to be a space for samples of multidisciplinary works (design, research, development) related to the world of fashion and textiles.

Behind this project is Yolanda Modamio, a young fashion design graduate with many concerns who lives in a rural and depopulated area of Spain, Soria.

Svetlana Ruzhitskaya

I’m a fashion and costume designer with a Masters from IED Milano. Since childhood, I liked to sew and come up with different models.

When home supplies ran out, I decided it was time to make it a profession.

I design costumes for theaters and also have a clothing brand for which I make mini collections of unique things and dance clothes.

Recently I fell in love with virtual fashion and now I am developing in this direction.


Schirin is a Berlin based digital fashion designer, artist & creative technologist who loves to tell stories through digital creations. In her work she is driven to pair abstract & moving aesthetics with immersive tools, using technology at its full potential. She finds unlimited inspiration in the field of digital fashion, where she seeks to bring her creations to life in the metaverse.

Lapin Mignon

Lapin Mignon: the Imaginationist. Translated from french, Lapin Mignon means « Cute Bunny ». Welcome to her Little kingdom where everything is sweet, innocent and magical. Lapin Mignon is a trip to your inner child wonderland, where everything is coming alive in front of your eyes. It triggers your imagination with her cute little watercolour, ink and Digital Wonders Artworks.

Rex Morgan

The TwentyOneHundred is a concept and exploration label by Rex Morgan and Nathan Wiles.

We are inspired to translate stories and garment provenance thru digital creation, with a focus on functionality, craft and graphic.


Sasmitha Janindu is an undergraduate in BA (hons) in Fashion Design, who also goes under the alias “Rudeolph”. He learned 3D software during the lockdown, exploring all kinds of visual techniques like that of creating virtual garments, surreal landscapes, simulations and simple animations. Most of his works are constructed with limited resources, limited computing power and limited knowledge of 3D software — his determination supersedes any supposed barriers.

His advice; anyone can start in 3D. “There are numerous tutorials available online, basically for free which will teach you fundamentals of 3D graphics. The rest is only limited to your imagination and creativity.”

Through 3D, Sasmitha discovered the NFT space, where he minted his genesis NFT on NFTshowroom, built on the HIVE blockchain.

Sourav Agarwala

I am a Psychology student graduate and now pursuing my 2nd degree in Fashion Design From NIFT India. My fields of work include Pencil portraits, Digital Art and designs, Pot painting, Clay models making, Costume and apparel design.

Tania Viegas

My fashion path begun when I was 16 years old, studying Fashion Design in Portugal which led me to continue my journey at the London College of Fashion as a BA Fashion Pattern Cutting student. However, it wasn’t until I interned in Barcelona that I discovered the unconventional ways of creating fashion, digitally!

Alessandro Botteon

Alessandro is a creative entrepreneur, bridging the creative and tech worlds.

He is the founder of Impssbl, an ex Googler, and ex Co-Founder of the Impossible Brands. Based between LA & Milan.

Anthony Ibegbulem

I am Fashion Designer driven by a curiosity for new technologies and solutions to existing problems. Exploring digital fashion and focusing on digitizing end-to-end process of fashion production. My motive is to learn continuously while mastering, and introducing a new technological approach, that encourages collaboration and in the end, reduces cost and increases productivity in the Fashion Business.

I currently work as a freelance digital fashion artist and help fashion brands and designers to develop digital product samples, create 3D samples for product development, and create digital only clothing in collaboration with art, gaming and the tech industries.

Mia Locklace

Mia is a CG Artist and the manager of Serah Reikka. Serah (Fei) Reikka is a French Canadian virtual influencer & model. She is know for her role as Serah Alec in the short animated movie Beyond Polaris and had the privilege of modeling at the prestigious Russian Fashion Week last year with Mercedes-Benz. Serah has also been featured on Forbes Magazine as one of the 12 most famous virtual influencer in the world for 2020.

Serah has a weekly vlog; covering everything about her way of life as an Artificial Intelligence virtual model navigating the real world.

Mikee Angelou Sabornido

Davao based designer and self-taught artist, Mikee Angelou Sabornido, has been focusing on botanical watercolor painting featuring light and airy muted pastel colors for the past several years. She claims that her passion for arts and design is something that is innate to her since she was a little kid.

Her arts is mostly influenced by her timid personality and sophisticated nature. She loves clothes and started vlogging featuring thrift flips and paint with me vlogs on Youtube. She believes that art should be a ‘form of escape from reality’.

Anustha Kishor

A recent Postgraduate in Fashion Futures from London College of Fashion with a sustainability led approach, design & product development experience in fashion, along with digital fashion. Material Exploration & Innovative techniques form the core structure of her ideology, be it real or virtual. Recently nominated for Green Concepts Award 2021 in the fashion category for the project ‘Climate Cohort’. She has also been a Keing Award 2019 semifinalist for Circular Fashion and has exhibited in Helsinki Fashion Week 2019.

Ariana Vahero

I’m Ariana Herrera, a Venezuelan and Motion Artist currently living in Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by human perception, the mind itself; thus, my work is psychologically driven. I’m constantly seeking that, that isn’t obvious, the unseen behind our routines.

I like science, physics, microscopic life, and the universe. For that reason, I’m always trying to push myself into new techniques, learn something different and keep up with the trends, to finally portray my vision of the world into my colorful artworks.

Majestic Apparell

Fagbamila Oluwatoyin is the Creative Head behind Majestic Apparell. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria and is a Multifaceted Artist; A fashion illustrator, 3D Artist, 3D virtual fashion Designer and Ready to wear Designer.

She is a freelance Digital Fashion Artist who helps create 3D Digital Garment samples for fashion brands, Digital Artists, tech industries and Gamers. She also makes Design Illustrations and Tech packs for fashion Brands. She started as a freelance illustrator in 2019, and has always been enthusiastic towards evolving in her Fashion career. She came out in the Top 3 Designers at Design Fashion Africa 2019, then proceeded to start her 3D virtual fashion journey December 2020.

Oluwatoyin just wanted a space where she has freedom of Art and an unorthodox way of creating Fashion Digitally.

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