Minecraft DIGI Bundle | Esports, Gaming, Fashion NFT Pack

Our ESPA Casual Esports Minecraft tournaments are now live + Digital fashion in-game skins!

Along with this we also have our DIGI Bundles live at skins.digitalax.xyz

The DIGI Bundle consists of;

  • 1 x Minecraft DRIP Physical Hoodie
    REP IRL with a Minecraft esports hoodie designed in-house by DIGITALAX. All patterns are minted on-chain and open sourced as part of DIGITALAX’s fractional garment ownership model.
  • 1 x Memorabilia NFT with Best Plays of the Game
    The best plays of the game for the Among Us Sheriff Mod tournaments will be chosen, recorded and time stamped to be minted as unique memorabilia NFT collectibles. These will be airdropped to the DIGI Bundle holders after the tournament rounds are over and the best plays have been chosen. You can read more here.
  • 1 x Minecraft In-game Access+ Cosmetic Perks
    Holders of this kit will get access to exclusive custom features, and benefits like a random prefix, early access to lucky blocks bed wars, which will be released soon, unique cosmetics like pets, particles and trails, kill effects will also be given along with the release of lucky blocks… They will also get to change their nickname!
  • 1 x Special Edition ESPA Minecraft Skin
    A unique digital fashion NFT, designed by Cleora, that can be taken in to the ESPA Minecraft Bed Wars tournaments for competing in battle to earn $MONA.

DIGI Bundles can be purchases here from the DIGITALAX skins marketplace for 2 $MONA.

15% of the funds from sales of the DIGI Bundles will go towards the Player Development Fund (PDF)and towards onboarding Players into the ESPA ecosystem through the Player Development Fund. The PDF exists to help select players that embody the persona of what DIGITALAX and ESPA represent and are all about to level up from stage 0 to 1 and get in the game.

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