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We are live with the Minecraft Bed Wars ESPA Casual Esports tournaments AND Minecraft Digital Fashion Skins on the DIGITALAX Marketplace on Polygon Network!

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Our digital fashion skins are split across 3 degrees of rarity; common, semi-rare and exclusive. All digital fashion Minecraft skins can be staked with our polygon NFT staking contracts for $MONA distribution rewards.

Our Common items are listed for instant buy on our marketplace for 0.015 $MONA.

Beast Mode

I woke up in beast mode. You get a house! You get a house… 10 WEI houses for everyone!


Punk culture is undefinable. Dress exactly as you wish. You don’t need anything to be punk. More is more.

The Glitched Face King (SMB)

Melting faces with glitches and rainbow strobes.

The Glitched Face King (Dimly)

Glitching out with future experiments using technology not yet available.

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