Minecraft Digital Fashion Skins | LIVE for ESPA June 11th

The Minecraft ESPA skins are going LIVE this Friday on the DIGITALAX marketplace!

The ESPA Minecraft Bed Wars Casual Esports Tournaments go LIVE THIS FRIDAY JUNE 11TH 5PM UTC!

Along with this we are also launching the DIGITALAX Minecraft Digital Fashion Skins— authenticating players in game as they suit up for battle to earn $MONA and level up from amateur to pro.

The skins were designed in collaboration with DIGITALAX and Cleora — an absolutely talented veteran skin designer in the Minecraft community. She started designing MC skins back in 2015 and since then has amassed tens of thousands of downloads. Let’s just say that she is definitely a Master Skinner!

You can check out more of here work here and here across Planet Minecraft and Skindex!

This was Cleora’s very first skin.

And this one got over 6K downloads… a Business Grape :laughing: Gotta love the MC community!

There are 12 skins across 3 degrees of rarity that will be live June 11th 5pm UTC on the DIGITALAX SKINS Marketplace on Polygon/Matic. The marketplace accepts purchases in $MONA.

  • 4 x Exclusive for Auction (1 of 1). The auction will close on June 24th 7pm UTC.
  • 4 x Semi-Rare for Instant Buy (64 of each type).
  • 4 x Common for Instant Buy (128 of each type).

AND 30 x Minecraft DIGI BUNDLES — containing treasures of IRL Minecraft DRIP hoodies, Memorabilia NFTs, Special Edition Skins+ Exclusive access to Minecraft Lucky Blocks and other cosmetic perks!

All sales on the marketplace accept $MONA as the core payment. You can purchase $MONA from uniswap and use our custom MultiToken bridge to deposit your $MONA to Matic/Polygon, or you can purchase $MONA directly from Quickswap on Polygon network.

All ESPA skins can be staked for $MONA with our newly launched NFT Staking Contracts on Polygon Network!

All profits from the marketplace are split between the digital fashion designer of the skins, the showcased modder, the DIGITALAX treasury, ESPA winning players across the casual esports tournaments. Profits will also be delegated to the $MONA token holders and Genesis $MONA NFT holders. This will take place on Matic when our rewards distribution contracts are live.

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