New WayFare Features Released! | Metaverse !Match[making]

The new Wayfare bot feature is now released!

This new feature connects metaversal dwellers from across all of the realms. You can tell wayfare what are your;

  • Core interests
  • Skills that you have to offer
  • What kind of jobs, gigs or similar work opportunity you are either seeking or hiring for
  • Kinds of NFTs and other native web3 assets that you’d like to buy and collect either as an individual or in a party/squad
  • Types of people that you’d want to squad up

Call the !match command in the #wayfare channel to receive a list to your DMs of potential wayfaring co-conspirators.

You can team up or respond to any of these, allowing Wayfare to route you to the best new additions to your squad.

  • Call the !submitmatch command to submit your own matchmaking request
  • Call the !runmatch command to respond to any of the matchmaking requests on the metaverse matchmaking list!

Let’s light the match!

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