New Web3 Fashion Anarchists | Global Designer Network

Our designer network has been growing over the past weeks, as more anarchists jump ship from the traditional legacy system to start revolutionising the industry as we know it— from open source, to decentralisation, to digi core, to smashing through old definitions of digital and physical fashion.

This is Web3 Fashion.

Our open source on-chain 1155 pattern, material, texture libraries have been expanding through the designer network and were also utilised under our Fractional Garment Ownership standard with the recent FASHION X DEFI DRIP launch at DRIP.DIGITALAX.XYZ !

Our designer community is currently coordinated out of our dedicated Web3 Fashion discord— we’ve been formulating some exciting stealth projects so stay tuned!!

… in the meantime… welcome to our latest designers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Kima is a Korean based digital designer. She studied fashion design in Seoul and covers various fields such as graphic design, digital garment design, and accessory modeling. Her work is influenced by Asian culture, subculture, and her hobbies, where she finds joy in the intersection of reality and the virtual metaverse.

Nina Doll

Nina is originally coming from an analog fashion tailoring background. She now spends her time experimenting with the creative freedom of the virtual world, where she can create a garment made from any kind of material, can imagine and showcase the clothing in whatever environment that comes to her mind, without any restrictions. Her main interest currently comes from exploring emotions in the digital space through abstract sculpts.


Hi! I’m Catherine, I’m a digital fashion designer. I studied fashion design for 4 years and then in my senior year I found out about digital fashion. I haven’t designed without it since!


Peezy is an independent digital creative who serendipitously discovered the world of web3, digital fashion, and NFTs through DIGITALAX. Since then, he has become an advocate and evangelist for the emerging metaverse, creating content in a variety of formats, including writing for DIGIFIZZY. He recently left a career in banking/finance and information security to pursue his passion in blockchain technology full-time, as well as a being a freelance writer, translator, artist, and content creator.

Anna Chili

Anna Chili is a visual artist/entrepreneur/art shaman/ muralist/3d VR digital artist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is originally from Odessa, Ukraine.

Taylor Vade

Taylor Vade is a Digital Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. Skilled in Pattern-making, Garment Manufacturing, and Adobe Photoshop. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Arts — BA focused in Philosophy.

Meta Mike

Meta Mike is the Innovation Lead at @VERSED who works with fashion designers, artists and brands to bring their creations into the metaverse across platforms like Roblox, Decentraland and Spatial.


I am currently building an Open-Metaverse native Digital Fashion brand called XENOTECH which explores themes of futurism and the convergence of exponential technological trends. XENOTECH plans to roll out an initial NFT garment collection before expanding into Metaverse wearables in Cryptovoxels and other virtual worlds. Along with the garments, creating Digital Fashion experiences within virtual worlds will be a primary focus for XENOTECH.


My name is Thakane, born in Lesotho and raised around the world. I am a designer, entrepreneur and sometimes an MC. My vibes are international as I have lived in Costa Rica, South Africa, Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin and am currently based in Cologne, Germany. I speak four languages and consider myself truly a world citizen. I believe in Crypto and decentralisation to give the power back to all people. I started my activewear brand, TAKAII in 2020 and I’m excited to expand the brand into the metaverse, from physical to digital, from surplus to efficient and from seasonal to timeless

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