NFT Drop Live | DIGITALAX Matic Marketplace | Among Us Sheriff Mod In-Game Digital Fashion | LIVE March 23rd, 10pm UTC

We have made it! The ESPA BETA launch is taking off!! This was a hugely innovative undertaking and collaboration.

The DIGITALAX protocol has set off on an amazing trajectory for establishing a sustainable, active and value generating ecosystem between Designers, Developers and Players.

A special shoutout to Woodi , Kodomodachi and Charli Cohen . The creative forces behind this first drop and in-game compatibility.

Items are LIVE from 10pm UTC (3pm PDT) March 23rd! The Auction will end Friday 7pm UTC March 26th! ESPA BETA Practice Mode is Open from 10pm UTC March 23rd… First ESPA Esports Casual Tournament this weekend (March 26th- March 28th)!

Want to Get Skinned? MUST READ:

  • Outfits will be LIVE on the DIGITALAX MATIC MARKETPLACE at
  • These NFTs can be directly taken into Woodi’s OG Among Us Sheriff Mod. The NFTs act as the Player’s digital identity markers and authenticators.
  • Player’s can wear the outfits in the mod in both Practice and Esports mode. When in Esports mode the outfits have functionality within the ESPA meta-game, where the rarity of the outfit (Common, Semi-Rare, Exclusive) determines the longevity of access for the Player into the battles. Winning Player’s receive $MONA income streams.
  • Instructions for installation of the Mod are set out at Players must have Among Us installed on their Steam account here. The Mod is compatible with PC. We have also provided instructions for Mac compatibility, but this requires extra steps. See instructions here .
  • All purchases can only be made in $MONA from the marketplace with a Metamask or Arkane wallet that is on Matic Network. $MONA can be purchased from uniswap here and bridged or directly from Matic.
  • Go to Play Now for a step by step walkthrough for getting skinned on our Matic marketplace, bridging your $MONA token from Ethereum Mainnet to Matic, purchasing $MONA on Matic, playing in the Esports battles.
  • The Digital Fashion NFTs and DIGI Bundles will be able to bridged back to Mainnet shortly for staking, this is coming soon through the custom 721 bridge we are building out. We will also be deploying staking contracts to Matic for lower gas fees in the very near future.
  • Revenue from this auction sale is distributed across the Designers (Charli Cohen x Kodomodachi), Developers (Woodi), Winning Players, $MONA token holders and Genesis $MONA NFT holders.
  • The $MONA token holders and Genesis $MONA NFT holders will receive a 6% revenue distribution from this sale that will be distributed when our revenue distribution contracts are live on Matic. Coming soon. For future sales there will be a governance vote for determining the profit distribution %.
  • 2 FREE Matic are being airdropped to the first 2000 Players. That is equal to approximately 200 free transactions per Player! Read more here!
  • If you sell your garment on the secondary market, the new buyer must sign up on the DIGITALAX marketplace in order to be able to spawn their asset in-game under our authentication/identity marker system.
  • The Treasury is taking a 0% allocation from this Genesis NFT drop.

Skins Pricing and ESPA Tournament Longevity.


  • All items listed in $MONA.
  • With this being a Genesis mass adoption event into our ecosystem and the $MONA price still volatile as an early utility token, the instant buy items will be listed in $MONA but referenced to a USD base range, ensuring that volatile price action doesn’t spike Common or Semi-Rare items to price levels that prevent Players from gaining access.
  • Common Instant Buy items will be listed in $MONA and priced within a USD range of between USD$11-USD$15 (Buffer for volatility fluctuations).
  • Semi-Rare Instant Buy items will be listed in $MONA and priced within a USD range of between USD$101-USD$110 (Buffer for volatility fluctuations).
  • Exclusive Single Edition items will be listed for Auction, with bids taking place only in $MONA.


  • The digital fashion doesn’t interfere with game play within the game — it purely establishes and authenticates the Player’s meta-game and eligibility in the ESPA ecosystem.
  • Each Fashion NFT has functionality and determines a Player’s access to specific esports tournaments in ESPA.
  • The rarity level of the digital fashion item determines and weighs in on the longevity of the Player’s access to specific esports tournaments in the ESPA ecosystem.
  • For the BETA Among Us Sheriff Mod launch an Esports round will run for a 48 hour period, allowing authenticated skinned Players to compete for $MONA income streams. Only Player’s that are skinned (Have purchased an item from DIGITALAX Marketplace are eligible for the battles, anyone can play in practice mode in the mod).
  • The fashion doesn’t affect the specific in-game play or functionality, it is purely related to the ESPA meta-game. This is not a pay to win ecosystem.
  • Common digital fashion NFTs give Players access to 2 rounds in the Among Us Sheriff Mod during Esports Mode. Practice mode is unlimited.
  • Semi-Rare digital fashion NFTs give Players access to 5 rounds in the Among Us Sheriff Mod during Esports Mode. Practice mode is unlimited.
  • Exclusive digital fashion NFTs give Players access to unlimited rounds in the Among Us Sheriff Mod during Esports Mode. Practice mode is unlimited.

See here for how skin recharging works!

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