For this broadcasting platform is mainly intended for all GDN designers and then digital designers from all the world to take part and put their designs on licitation for one vulnerable population that GDN DAO decides to help. Maybe it will be good idea to put that money in the schools and libraries somewhere in the 3th countries so that children can grow with knowledge like everyone deserves.

The idea is to revive an event that took place in 1985 and left its mark on human history as one of the most important public fundraising events for the endangered, through art. Back then it was music and now we would like to do a similar event with the commitment of the fashion industry.

I know it sounds unreal, but let’s all try to imagine for a moment what an event like this means and what is needed to make it happen. Proposals and votes will be followed and together we can conceptualize a nice platform that we will have for future use.

Project is detailed elaborated in medium link: Medium

We hope that this project will recognize all GDN community as our own project and value of the interest in sense of bolder progress and optimization of the final presentations process and communication with the buyers and the public.

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was this ever voted on? not finding it in snapshot.

Yes, its voted in January. It’s somewhere between FIP-20 AND FIP-22. So it could be FIP-21 not sure is it categorized as so. If you want to be involved- you are welcome to random variable realm discord channel, just ask if you cant find it.