Proposal to form "Lendmine" DAO

When I used to mentor for Europe’s biggest fashion tech accelerator, startupbootcamp, there were numerous “Door Dash for Couture” startups.

All of them tried to solve the “I don’t have anything to wear!” problem with a platform approach.

It was clear for me from the onset, that you’d have a lot of effort (buying, photographing, delivering, cleaning, damage management etc.) for a relatively small market.

In the Metaverse, suddenly the whole concept makes much more sense. Not only is the whole process much more frictionless, but with 3D environments getting more sophisticated we are on the brink of a demand explosion. And just as we dress up when we go to the opera irl, we will dress up here as well. I suspect it will be seen as considerate when you extra lended a very special piece for a special occasion.

NFTs are coming from the Digitalax_ treasury and the new fashion buying DAO.

But it doesn’t stop there. From external fashion collecting networks to single holders, all will be able to lend their collectibles to the DAO so they can re-lend it to someone else. Safe, easy and the mechanism for it already exists. You might have heard of it, It’s called staking : )

This brings a whole new value layer to holders of digital fashion. Not only are they able to earn additional yield while they are sleeping, but through tying in the DLTA platform, holders now have a record of value they can use to appraise their belongings for future sales.

Please discuss

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Thanks Gabriel.

Interesting points.

From what I gather, you are talking about the renting and loaning of fashion items and then the pricing is determined dynamically through appraisals made on these NFTs on The DLTA platform?

It would be interesting to have a buy side DAO set up more specifically on this topic. How would you plan to go about it/ is there any first use cases that we could start with? Maybe something like a community vote to start with across a number of pieces for a trial rent and then we stake those on a DLTA guild to gain insight on their appraisal analytics and relative leaderboard rankings?

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