Publish on-chain treasuries

Currently, DIGITALAX reports on expenses in a monthly transparency report and occasionally blog posts referencing the monthly purchases of NFTs for DIGITALAX affiliated treasuries.

However, sometimes the reports may have errors, and because the reporting is fragmented across several blog posts creating unnecessary friction. A prominent claim by DIGITALAX team is that the project is not funded by VCs and this may be attractive to community members, however there is no visibility into where the funds do come from.

This is a proposed initiative for DIGITALAX to publish all on-chain treasury contract addresses in a monthly report so that community members may review capital inflows, expenses and any other activities with treasury funds.

We believe this added transparency is the next step to make it easier for project supporters to follow progress and enroll their personal and professional networks and other resources into the DIGITALAX mission.

Should this initiative go to Snapshot vote it should be considered to use Quadratic Voting so that votes are more democratically dispersed.


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Agree to open, I hope the team follows.

There have been lots of scams involving low traction ecosystems artificially increasing their own sales via buying and selling their own assets in the marketplace, resulting in false demand. Because of that, I would love to have more transparency revolving around Digitalax’s on-chain treasury address and transactions.

This proposal is also aligned with Digitalax’s ethics (i.e., Radical Transparency). Because of that, if the ecosystem truly cares about radical ethics and transparency, it must release it.