Realm Fashion Collection Feedback Loop #4

DECO holders directly level up the indie games and the associated content, as well as the ability for the broader market to navigate oceans of dense information to differentiate which apps, games, experiences and content they choose to interact with.

From web3 fashion to indie gaming and modding, DECO is used for developing reputation scores from recurring votes on Realm Runway events, garment and collection content to indie game assets and compatible skins.

Feedback loops are also one of the three core mechanisms app stores and game distribution platforms depend on.

More details here.

This vote is the first of the feedback loops to be instantiated, and focuses on the voters ranking fashion collections for the indie game “The First Dungeon” by indie game developer Thijmen Happy — which is being released soon as each Realm Designer creates custom interoperable collections for their realm.

  1. Zom #22 The First Dungeon
  2. Girl #20 The First Dungeon
  3. Hero #27 The First Dungeon
  4. Zom #31 The First Dungeon
  5. Hero #37 The First Dungeon
  6. Creeper #9 The First Dungeon
  7. Hero #12 The First Dungeon
  8. Hippie #61 The First Dungeon
  9. Creeper #83 The First Dungeon

Voting type: Ranked Choice Voting

Live on Snapshot: Jan 24th 2021

Eligible Voters: $MONA, Genesis MONA NFT holders, $DECO Holders

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