Recharging Your Outfits for ESPA Esports Battles | Digital Fashion In-Game Authenticators

We are proving out the first ever crypto + digital fashion + NFT + gaming mass adoption ecosystem that is set to scale over the entire gaming, VR, live 3D content industries.

In the ESPA ecosystem the digital fashion is what grants the Players with Skin in the Game. The rarity level of the digital fashion item determines and weighs in on the longevity of the Player’s access to specific esports tournaments in the ESPA ecosystem i.e. more common fashion pieces run out faster in terms of the access they provide to the specific in-game compatible esports tournaments.

Recharging Outfits

Player’s are able to recharge their outfits to gain further access in the ESPA meta-game. Recharging can take place by either purchasing a new outfit from the marketplace or completing certain tasks.

For the Among Us Sheriff Mod ESPA BETA, Player’s are also able to recharge their outfits functional duration through recording their in-game plays;

  1. Completing tasks as a crewmate in-game.
  2. Killing a crewmate in the middle of tasks in-game.

Player’s post the videos to social media, where the most creative content gets a recharge pass. The more interesting the content. See the graphic for full details!

These wearables are the official in-game authentication system and identity markers for the Players. They allow Players to be eligible for $MONA token payouts + leaderboard qualification. It is how the Player’s are recognised through our database and verified on the blockchain through our contracts.

The digital fashion doesn’t interfere with game play within the game — it purely establishes and authenticates the Player’s meta-game and eligibility in the ESPA ecosystem. This is the Player’s proof-of-identity.

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