Run One of Community !Gives and !Asks Released through WayFare

We’ve had almost 500 new members join the DIGITALAX discord in the past few days since we released the Wayfare discord bot, and, on Friday we also announced Run One of the DAO quests alongside awesome contribution bounties!

Now, we’ve collated a curated list of the first !gives and !asks contributed by community members. ASKs are clear, quick, actionable and short requests that you would like someone in the community to resolve and GIVEs are free contributions to build the community, like gifts.

If you can’t find your !give and !ask in the !quests list, then it means it required a small amount of tweaking so it’s more actionable for your fellow community members. Check your DMs on discord for a message from the Wayfare bot, giving you some pointers on how to best rearrange your submission.

You can start checking out the !quests list from fellow community members by calling the !quests command in the #wayfare channel of the DIGITALAX discord server. The bot will send you a DM with the combined Round One !gives and !asks and also DAO contribution bounty quests.

If you are in a position to best solve any of the !asks, or you’d like to receive any of the !gives simply reply to the bot, in your DMs, with the command !runquest [taskID] — followed by the taskID number of that particular quest.

Wayfare will send you another DM shortly after confirming the next steps!

Start wayfaring with Wayfare, and, if you have anymore !gives and !asks submit them to Wayfare and we’ll race you to the other side of the horizon!

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