Satellite GDN Purveyors | DAOs within DAOs

One of the biggest misconceptions for DAOs is that often people believe that they are flat structures. That everything is some strange hybrid of democratic and communist.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

DAOs are networks of self-sovereign individuals coordinating mutually, voluntarily and with levels of autonomy that were never possible before. Nimble, programmatic layers of decentralised code empower each member to simultaneously serve our own self interests, each others benefit, how we each want to be seen and provide a surplus beyond that all of that afforded by what was previously wasted in the legacy economic machines and political technologies that chewed up all of the energy we are now free to unlock.

It’s networked mutualism and individualism where activity towards a common goal or mission is incentivised from the surplus unleashed by better coordination.

And, the best way, as a DAO scales in both size and activity, to leverage this better coordination, is to embrace what has been shown to most cause networks to thrive; champion nodes.

Members of the network equal in every way to any other, except that they go above and beyond to tend to the well being of the network and become super clusters, more densely connected than any other, assisting the circulation of activity within the network. It’s the exact opposite of a gatekeeper.

And under the GDN, our own champion nodes are the GDN Purveyors.

Each GDN Purveyor takes initiative & ownership over a particular sector, whether that be an IRL location, digitally based group/community (i.e. VR, Blender, CLO etc.) or specific subset or category (i.e. luxury, boutique etc.) that is relevant to everything that we are building out here.

Their role involves;

  • Educating and onboarding new members under their category
  • Running events & meetups IRL/online
  • Running local project chapters
  • Increasing adoption of the usage of the open source libraries across the digi-fizzy realms
  • Reaching out to and coordinating with local digital galleries and fashion boutiques that would be interested in having a GDN NFT screen (More to come on this soon :eyes:)

The extraordinary value that Purveyors provide is recognised with;

  • New dedicated distribution/quest category for $GDN
  • Allocation of $W3F prospectively when it’s released
  • Special NFT to mark their role on-chain

We’ll be announcing later this week which members are involved in what sector and how the DIGITALAX community and LOOK holders are involved with this!

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