Tales of the Web3 Tailors | Track 4, KALAU

Listen in to Track Four of the Tales of the Web3 Tailors. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::boom:

Track Four for the Tales of Web3 Tailors GDN Podcast is out! You can start listening in now!

For this next episode, GDN member Lauren Kacher, known by the digital alias, KALAU, was interviewed! KALAU is behind the pioneering web3 phygital brand ALTERRAGE and bridging the IRL and URL.


American fashion designer and entrepreneur since 2012 with a specialisation in circular and digital fashion, in Paris, London, and New York. Previous work experience at Saint Laurent, Loewe and other Parisian luxury design houses. Motivated by the substantial role fashion plays in the overconsumption and destruction of planetary resources, I see digital fashion as a key solution to this issue. From AR filters to immersive digital worlds, this new medium can allow for true identity exploration. I am the founder of Alterrage, a phygital fashion brand bridging the digital realm with physical reality. Creating the future of phygital.

More tales to come shortly from the web3 fashion anarchists!

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