The DLTA Appraisal System Live

Finally, after some very long hours of subgraph syncing The DLTA appraisal system is live for all PODE holders!

If you hold PODE, start interacting here:

You can start using the appraisal actions to give feedback to those NFTs whitelisted and staked on the PODE guild. More will be continuously added each day, and, if one of you own any of the NFTs that are whitelisted they will show up on the “Stake NFTs on Guild for Appraisal” page… you can choose to stake your NFT to be appraised and earn more $DECO!

The metadata for NFTs being appraised is pulled in real time from decentralised databases like IPFS, therefore, sometimes load time can be lagging if these NFT metadata files are large. Please be patient with this, and avoid clicking refresh excessively.

The distribution of $DECO is now solely based on activity. This means that if you are not active in the system your rewards will be deducted dramatically.

This was massive engineering feat and is continuously being upgraded as we now focus on bringing on the additional guilds into the system— there is some more exciting news to come on this later this week and how this ties into the entire DIGITALAX ecosystem and ignition of wealth catalysts for all ecosystem participants.

You can also appraise your fellow PODE holders and appraisers, which too influences the distribution of $DECO across PODE guild stakers.

There are a few important things to note;

  • Your $DECO is now claimable approximately every 24 hours. If you see 0 $DECO under claim rewards but have been interacting with the system, don’t fret, it just means that 24 hours hasn’t passed and therefore the contract is still calculating your dynamic distribution.
  • Make sure to claim your rewards regularly, as if you don’t and then stop interacting with the system, your $DECO is re-distributed in real time against other more active appraisers.
  • If you see a different $DECO number under claim rewards than what is show in the “claim rewards” TX upon executing the transaction, don’t fret, the subgraph is still undergoing some syncing and the rewards claimable displayed on the front end is a very close estimate to the rewards you will receive. It is not an exact number as the actual contract call distribution is calculated in real time upon claiming the rewards into your wallet.

This is super exciting to have live! There is so much to come with The DLTA, Guilds, and more metaverse appraisals.

Let’s get to it!

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