The DLTA Leaderboard System LIVE + LOOK Guild Launching

The Leaderboard System is now LIVE within The DLTA. You can dynamically track your position as an Appraiser and also whitelisted NFT staker!

You can also see your current weight within system compared to others. Although an NFT or appraiser might have more appraisals, it can still be a lower weight than less appraised NFTs, because it also largely depends on what appraisals were given to an NFT… i.e. an NFT might have received 30 claps, a favourite, a heart, a fire etc. all in one appraisal, whilst another NFT might have received a “skip” 30 times or just a love 30 times, meaning the weight is still less overall in comparison.

This feature is really important as we prepare to onboard the next guilds, providing more data around how the appraisal actions influence ranking and reputation; both for individuals and for the content itself.

Further to this, an overview instructional video will be released in the next days giving more insight and context to all appraisers around the purpose of each appraisal action and how it influences the system and $DECO distribution as a whole.

NFT appraisals and value assessment is really critical for the entire metaverse, because if we don’t have system in place for decentralising consensus around what the assets that build the metaverse are worth then we will never hit the threshold necessary for full mass adoption of digital physical integrated economies.

And with that said…. we are also announcing the launch of the second guild under The DLTA… a new LOOK guild, for all LOOK Golden Ticket Holders :eyes::eyes:!

More details on that to come shortly, but it strongly relates to modding, ESPA and certain PFPs getting dressed up!

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