The DLTA System | Web3 Fashion Guild Proposal + Overview Video

The next larger components of The DLTA are soon to be launched, including that of the onboarding of new guilds into the system, as well as the distribution of $DLTA for coordinating the activities of the DLTA DAO and future onboarding of guilds.

With that said, here is a short overview video breaking down some further information about the NFT appraisals and the importance of appraising itself.

With everything in the metaverse underwritten and literally made by digital assets, we all need a decentralised way to determine value around these digital assets and also a way to coordinate consensus around that decentralised discovery of value.

This is what The DLTA system solves for.

Through combining basic sentiment analysis, subjective perspectives, cohort analysis and allocation voting we can generate a richer view of each NFT and their relative value overtime within these particular guilds.

Further, along with the launch of the LOOK guild, a proposal has also been initiated through the GDN DAO for the launch of a Web3 Fashion Guild and reallocation of distribution of some of the $W3F token through guild appraisal activity, taking from the speciality NFT pool over a 6 month period.

The vote is for all GDN DAO members, holding $GDN, and is live on Snapshot until Friday Oct 22nd. If this passes, more details will be shared around launch timings, coinciding with the release of $W3F, as it serves as a bigger next step for deeply integrating fashion with decentralised tech and the metaverse, and being able to assess and underwrite more value for digital / web3 fashion as a whole.

You can view the live snapshot here.

More details to come soon for The DLTA, as this system grows out as a reliable and decentralised value assessment layer that eventually can act as a reference point for more reliable and decentralized digital asset metrics for the metaverse.

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