The ESPA DAO | $MONA Governance in ESPA

$MONA token not only has core utility as an income stream for the Players, Developers and Designers within DIGITALAX and ESPA, but, it is also the governance token, where holders are able to maintain an active stake in the ecosystem; not entirely unlike how a DAO operates.

A DAO, for those who don’t know, is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation— or in other words, an autonomous organisation (Through open, transparent code) with decentralised governance (A group participating with a common goal).

DAOs are one of the most misunderstood applications, yet, one of the most important. They allow for open source programming of social coordination, where members are able to vote in their best interests for optimal functioning of the system as a whole.

DAOs certainly got a bit of a bad rap when they first more officially launched in 2016. There was the DAO hack— where $60 million worth of ETH was stolen, and, later, the Ethereum blockchain, on which the DAO was built, was controversially forked to restore the stolen funds, which were then returned to investors.

In ESPA, $MONA acts as the incentive carrier for the Player-Designer-Developer DAO. Here, holders will be able to vote across categories from R&D proposals, future roadmap, monetary policies.

We are on a deliberate path towards progressive decentralisation to ensure that we can achieve the intent of the ecosystem— bringing value to all active participants.

Some of the key proposals will be across;

  • Sponsorship quadratic voting allocation for Players
  • PODE indie game onboarding for #ESPAREADY
  • Profit splits between Designers, Developers, Players, Treasury, Token Holders
  • Content quality control and vetting
  • Player Development Fund and PAC resource allocation
  • …… and more!

The first ESPA DAO / $MONA governance vote will be taking place during the next ESPA battle release with Minecraft esports! We will be revealing more on this soon.

With all of these developments, the cross over into digital realms with native utility is becoming real. DAOs are an integral component to properly leveraging the native aspects of web3 infrastructure that ensure its scalability for the future. We are grateful to be building in this space.

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