Transparency Report | September 30th, 2021

Hey Everyone,

Please see below our transparency report release for September 2021. Once again it was a crazy busy month… and we are almost at the one year anniversary of DIGITALAX! Wow! What a stylish journey it has been so far, so much accomplished, so many more big opportunities ahead and the best part is watching it all come together.

Many more lines of code were written this month and new realms spun up as we continue to grow out the DIGITALAX ecosystem and make the market for what it means to be authentic to “web3 fashion”— and that includes everything from NFTs, to DeFi, to Decentralised Appraisal systems and more. Some of the top events for September included;

  • Design, development and launch of the Issue Five of DIGIFIZZY
  • Skins NFT marketplace refactor and upgrade (Smart contracts, subgraph and front end UI)
  • Global Designer Network expansion and first collections launched
  • The DLTA appraisal V2 refactor and upgrade to include 1155 NFT tokens + specified token IDs
  • Design and creation for the DIGITALAX PFP collection, more details announced soon.
  • Dedicated quick primer for smoothening the transition into web3 fashion + DIGITALAX ecosystem.
  • Bancor $350K Co-Investment increase passed for MONA-BNT pool on Bancor AMM.
  • Polygon $20K ecosystem grant award.
  • LOOK first mint and distribution launch.
  • LOOK ecosystem activity; Golden Ticket distribution, LOOK Derivative competition, Fashion hackathon.
  • Miami Art Basel / Decentral coordination for GDN / DIGITALAX Feature end of Nov/Early Dec.
  • Tales of Web3 Tailors podcast series launch under GDN.
  • Ongoing ESPA tournament coordination.
  • New DRIP collections launched for Bancor Community.
  • GDN profile pages + Web3 Fashion 101 upgrades and refactoring.
  • FGO open source libraries refactoring
  • Get Dressed; Custom metaverse fashion boutique launch.
  • GDN Membership token distribution.
  • $GDN non-tradeable governance token launch + quests and stewardship activities.

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