Web3 Wizards Series Five | Identity Meddlers

Our fifth series in Web3 Wizards has been released with Issue 5 of DIGIFIZZY and also the exclusive unlockable content bundle!

Web3 Wizards is our NFT collection series that we have materialised, where we in-house design, mint and recognise those devs that continue to build the fabric for making all of web3, the metaverse, NFTs, decentralisation possible. And, to do this in true web3 style, keeping immutability and transparency at the core we mint and gift each featured dev a 721 NFT on Matic Network.

Our identities are fluid — changing and evolving with us as we take on new experiences, are exposed to different environments and naturally progress through our lives. They represent the full spectrum of who we allow ourselves to be. And, as our digital identities and reputation online become not only more intertwined with who we are but also more and more critical to who we intend to be and how we cascade the liquidity needed to fuel that growth, it only makes complete sense that so many of us are looking for better ways to gain full ownership through the tools that most empower how we can represent ourselves in digital mediums.

Because, although our identity is constantly shifting, it also needs a persistent pivot point from which we can anchor ourselves. Web3 is what allows us to keep our own skin in the game, and the appeal of building out on-chain identities only grows day by day as the broader NFT and crypto space continues to rapidly magnify. With that said, for this edition of Web3 Wizards we are paying it back to the devs pioneering web3 authentication, decentralised identity management and blockchain native encapsulations of ourselves. These devs are the real Identity Meddlers.

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Vitalik Buterin

Kevin Owocki

Dan Finlay

Nick Johnson

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